Bloom's FIRST Wedding EVER Got FEATURED on 100 Layer Cake

There’s a lot to say here but I’ll keep it short. I’d been working in flowers for a while now, but it was time to do my FIRST wedding. That’s not saying, the first time I ever did florals at a wedding. It was the first time I did florals at a wedding under my business, Bloom Generation. IT was ALL ME at this point. It was an amazing opportunity, an insanely magical venue and the most wonderful bride and groom.

I’ll be sharing a lot more for those of you that may not know, but wedding flowers is a lot of work. 4 long days of hard labor and creation, always trying to make time and account for blips in the road. I don’t need to talk about how long it took to put my first floral order in, but I will talk about how I fixed some serious nightmares.

THE HOUSTON FLOOD.. I can’t fix that. But Harvey hit the day my mom (also florist) was planning to fly out to SFO to help me with my first wedding gig! My mom couldn’t come, our house flooded, trauma at home ensued and I was here alone and worried and trying not to freak out! THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO, I kept thinking, and I don’t have help. Then ensued lots of asks, pleads, needs. Some non-floral but amazing friends stepped up to plate. 3 three of us were heading to Kirkwood to make this thing happen.

THE BIGGEST HEAT WAVE IN CALIFORNIA. TO DATE. The odds are not in my favor. I hadn’t fully dealt with the break downs around heat and flowers, I was helping but at that point, it hadn’t been my client, my money, my ass on the line! At that point, I wasn’t clear that dahlias and heat are not my friends. Luckily, also at that point, was still working through the budget process and would always spend too much + over buy. I had enough to make the day magic.

Lots of long nights ensued, trying not to stress out a beauty of a bride with what was really going on behind the scenes, and cranking it out for days before my friends got off work and made the 4 hour trek up punker butt hill to the most beautiful venue I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Was it worth it? 1000%. That weekend turned out beautiful. I had tears in my eyes of happiness, seeing the creations that came from my hands and my visions. Knowing and feeling the power that you hold when you are creating the space a couple gets married under. Blessing everything up with love, happiness, creation from source. I knew I was in the right place. I know I am doing what I am called to do.

And when the most insanely talented wedding photographer drops her jaw in disbelief when you tell her it’s your first wedding and she tells you, you are going to be big. You cry even more tears of joy because others can see and feel it too. This is magically, perfectly, and beautifully aligned with my soul. Thank you, I love you.

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Gina Rose Baiamonte