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Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

Let your inner flower child out and kick off the holiday season by making a holiday wreath! In this seasonal offering, Gina from Bloom Generations will teach you how to make a floral holiday wreath. This class will focus on winter blooms. We will start with a floral meditation, sensing the florals, their aromas and awakening our intuitive nature around flowers and their ability to heal. From here, we will learn the language of each flower, the history of its origin, and care tips. And we'll create! Join us for this floral winter celebration and watch your new skills bloom.

Gina Rose from Bloom Generation ( is a professional doodler, scriptist, florist, certified yoga teacher, and reiki healer. Gina's beautiful floral creations have been admired in weddings, events, bridal parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, holiday parties, and more. Bloom Generation's humble beginnings sprouted from Bloom Pop-Ups that Gina has hosted all over San Francisco.

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