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About Me


I get it from my mama. And I know it's ancestral. The rose is even my namesake. I'm Gina Rose Baiamonte and here's (a part) of my story:

I felt the calling to flowers years ago when I was living a different life. Always taking classes for fun. One day I thought, “let’s get certified in floral design.” I loved every second. Graduated and in alignment, the events came rolling in. After freelancing for other florists, I booked my first wedding. And everything fell into place since.

Flowers are works of art; each petal with its own symbolism, healing, and language. Now immersed, I apprenticed with Plant Spirit Talk and studied Shamanic Rituals and the Healing Powers of Plants and Flowers. The combined magic of my apprenticeship, being a certified YTT, and a reiki master has allowed something new to be born. There is so much magic working with these plants, my offerings come in so much more than just the visual. Oh yeah, and then there’s the business degree and working in Operations, HR, and Marketing that helped the business side of the business to run smoothly. All the many talents finally fit into one; being a business owner in a field that allows me to thrive as a healer, medicine woman, and artist.  


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Together we work to find your medicine, your healing, and what you need to release. Let the flora do the work; from blessings to cleanses, to mandalas, to breath. The flowers tell me what they want to do and I channel the creations.

Want to work together?

Let’s consult. Come by the studio or hop on a call. We’ll pull some cards and talk. If it flows from both sides, let’s make magic happen.